Thursday, September 30, 2010

day 273

The 'backdrop' here is my house. I really need to paint it, but I love the rustic wood look in some of the photos. I wonder if I can talk my husband into letting me keep the North side of our house unpainted so I'll always have a backdrop?

I call this one 'Spaghetti Squash with Boy' This is from the "Hey, what is in your pocket" series.

Love and Fall days

day 272

I am starting a new photo series called; "Hey, what is in your pocket?" I will gather images of people I know, friends, loved ones, and complete strangers showing me what is actually in their pockets . I think the series will be a learning experience as I will have to shoot off the cuff more often. It will get me out of the comfort zone of only shooting people I know. I'm kicking around the idea of making a slideshow of the finished images for competition.
Here are today's P>O>D's
this one is called "Twiddly Bits" it is a tin whistle thing

and more shooting in full manual I darkened the sky a bit in PS.
For the Love of Photography

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

day 271

I had a very enjoyable family photo shoot today. I asked them if I could do some creative shots and they agreed. I love lens flare, but not everyone likes the results as much as I do so I usually stay away from it on 'jobs'. But they said I could do whatever. These are two of my favorite 'flare shots' from today. The first has good flare, but I can't make the composition the way I'd like it to be with cropping. The orb always ends up smack in the middle and that distracts me a little.
I like this closer crop better, but the orb is right over the girl's face... I don't mind it but worry it might distract some viewers. Love and trying something fun

day 270

I shot all my pictures today on full manual mode. I haven't done that in years and not in digital at all. I'm used to shooting manual with film but doing it in digital was a little daunting to me. I realize that is silly, if the shots don't turn out in digital... I can delete them. Not so much with film.
So the compositions aren't spectacular today but I was more concerned with getting correct exposures and clear, crisp focus... I think I still need some work on manual mode! I have a family photo shoot today, I will not be working out the kinks in manual mode that is for sure. I will stick with my aperture priority for safety's sake
Love and Doing it all yourself

day 269

Caught a Flicker
Love and Woodpeckers

Saturday, September 25, 2010

day 268

It was rainy today... a good day to snuggle on the couch with someone warm. Love and Snuggles

Friday, September 24, 2010

day 267

A couple shots from the park today.... Love his "picture taking face". Then I messed around with the filters post production.
and I think the one we will use for our 'school pictures'

Love and natural light.

day 266

She was working on homework... and I hadn't taken my p.o.d. yet so.... here it is. Love and snapshots

Thursday, September 23, 2010

days 249 through 265

I am WAY WAY WAY behind on posting the daily pics on here... so here it all is very quickly

day 249 250















Sunday, September 5, 2010

day 248

I love my little guy's budding sense of humor when it comes to having his picture taken! Love and Children

day 247 a wedding

This cute little baby was waiting for the bride and groom to exit the church along with all the rest of us.
the wedding party traveled to the reception in style

Love and ... LOVE

Friday, September 3, 2010

day 246

I have no idea what it is.... do you? Love and something weird

Thursday, September 2, 2010

day 245

A bundle of frogs were presented to the photographer this morning. The kiddos had been frog hunting. Eight little greenies were pilfered from the puddle and brought to the water table for fun and photographs. (As you might guess, three of them wanted nothing to do with us and hopped away.) These are not the three escapees, but they were on their way up the ramp and out of there. They reminded me of a gang of ruffians.
Amphibian Love


This little tree frog was in the shower this morning with my husband... We all are wondering how he got there. Love and green surprises