Monday, October 11, 2010

day 284

day 283

First, I will address the issue of day 282-- you are not mistaken, it is not here. I shot a couple shots, but have lost them in the cyber space of my computer. I'm sure they will turn up and then I'll share them. Until then, please enjoy day 283 These are Three Pastors of the church. Joel and Sandy are presently serving, Neil was our Pastor 8 years ago. He and his family were back for a visit. It was very nice to have all of them together for one Sunday.
Love and Grace

Saturday, October 9, 2010

day 281

I went to a concert with some friends... it was a fun time.
Love and music

day 280

Winners from the SWIS photo contest.

day 279

for the "what's in your pocket" series.... One of the sweetest ladies from Church. As I was snapping this shot she told me, "I hate having my picture taken." But just look at her lovely smile. She was very gracious to let me have this shot.

day 278

Our yummy dessert - after
There was finger painting today. Love and sweet messy stuff

day 277

Sunday, October 3, 2010

day 276

A few more pictures for the "Hey, What's in your pocket?" series.

Some barbed wire....
This is my favorite tractor from when I was a child.

Love around the farm

days 274 & 275

I did take pictures these two days... but they were of photo jobs (other people's children) and I did not get permission from them to post them to the Internet so.....
Sorry no pictures for your eyes
Love Me