Sunday, May 31, 2009

Life is Good

Joel here. I'm back to work tomorrow but have really been enjoying my time off. Last week, Kate asked she could mow. She asked last year, but couldn't quite reach the brake. This year she can. Today she mowed while I trimmed around the house and barn. It makes her feel good and she really is a big help. We also got the bearing replaced on the go kart and had it out for awhile, too. We even got some kite flying in after lunch. After supper, Sheila worked in the garden and the kids and I played in the sandbox. Life is good indeed.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

He's Home!

I got a phone call last night, so I threw the kids in the car and we hot-tailed it to the airport. This most welcome sight was there to greet us as we pulled up to the courtesy curb. Please excuse the crummy quality of the picture, it was taken through the car window, while I was driving. Immediately following the snap of this shot, I threw the car in park while simultaneously jumping out of it to give that gorgeous man a hug and kiss. But a very excited daddy's girl had beat me to him. I had to wait for my turn. (Well, okay we did all hug him at the same time.) The boy slept through it all, but woke to find his daddy carrying him into the hotel. He was thrilled, and wouldn't let daddy put him down the rest of the night. It goes without saying that we are Proud of the job Daddy did while he was in Iraq, but are all so happy to have him back with us and can't wait to acclimate ourselves as a family again. We are going to swim once more before checkout, then pack up and head to the farm where we can relax and reconnect.
We hope your day is as happy as ours is.
Love and... lots more Love

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Holding pattern

We are waiting............ waiting................... waiting...................................
Daddy's flight was cancelled. He is on standby for another flight tonight, otherwise it will be tomorrow. So we will wait, and try to contain (I mean entertain) ourselves until then.
Love and waiting

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh, we are SO ready!

Did you notice on the counter off to the side there that it says zero days left? There are only hours left until we are a whole family again! We are excited to say the least. I honestly don't know how I'm going to get any sleep tonight. It is comforting, just knowing that somewhere IN this United States, my husband is in a hotel waiting for his morning flight that will bring him home to us. By the way, She packed her bags last week in anticipation of the day we would drive out to the airport and pick Daddy up! (Who can blame her?) Love and Excitement

this cool park

Every time we drive by this park, the kids want to play on the cool boat and train toys, but we never have time. So Friday, we made time.
They loved it.
Love and games


On Saturday, we planted some things in the garden. The kids helped me make the rows for the onion sets and the pea plants.
The boy was soon bored with the whole process.

He was then gone, leaving sister to finish the job.

Love and the fruits of labor

Friday, May 8, 2009

Piano Recital

There was some piano recital excitement this past week at our house. I did take some pics... just wanted to share a couple here for those of you whose lives are not in a limbo-like state. My understanding is that the world is still turning outside my door...ha ha. I should really try to keep up.
She is searching for her page. Funny story... She walked up to the stage for her first selection. Got all the way up there without her music in hand, realized it, and said, "oh crap, I forgot my music." (Did I mention that the recital was held in our Church?) So, she ran all the way through the Church, to the back room, to grab it then ran back to the stage. It was one of the best parts of the recital for me, I loved it. She didn't miss a beat, and continued on to deliver a flawless performance. I am very proud.I added this picture just because I like the look on her face. There was a baby fussing in the back row. I think she thought it was her baby brother. She was able to play, once she realized it wasn't him.
Love and Music

the longest time has passed

It has been a week [A WEEK!!] since I've talked to my dear husband. This has to be the weirdest part of the entire TDY. I feel antsy, excited.... and in the dark. Have you ever experienced restless leg syndrome? It is a tingly, annoying feeling that keeps you up at nights. I kind of feel that way all over, all the time right now. I can't seem to make time pass any quicker, but I'm not getting anything productive accomplished either. He will be coming in on Wednesday so the wait is almost over.
Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I feel them, and am blessed by you all.