Thursday, May 14, 2009

He's Home!

I got a phone call last night, so I threw the kids in the car and we hot-tailed it to the airport. This most welcome sight was there to greet us as we pulled up to the courtesy curb. Please excuse the crummy quality of the picture, it was taken through the car window, while I was driving. Immediately following the snap of this shot, I threw the car in park while simultaneously jumping out of it to give that gorgeous man a hug and kiss. But a very excited daddy's girl had beat me to him. I had to wait for my turn. (Well, okay we did all hug him at the same time.) The boy slept through it all, but woke to find his daddy carrying him into the hotel. He was thrilled, and wouldn't let daddy put him down the rest of the night. It goes without saying that we are Proud of the job Daddy did while he was in Iraq, but are all so happy to have him back with us and can't wait to acclimate ourselves as a family again. We are going to swim once more before checkout, then pack up and head to the farm where we can relax and reconnect.
We hope your day is as happy as ours is.
Love and... lots more Love


John said...

Nice hat! Hehehe.
Hey, I'm so happy for you guys. Looking forward to catching up and hearing about the trip.
Much love!

Jessy, Greg, Grace, Jack, Nora, and Lexi said...

Great picture! We are so happy for you! Thanks Joel, Sheila & family for doing what you do every day!

Azul Unada said...

How was Iraq like? Do you agree with the Nobel Price of Peace for Obama?