Sunday, July 11, 2010

day 192

I'll start out with the photo I've chosen for today.... sometimes you just have to go with the aww factor. Now on to the story. I really wanted this to be my picture of the day for so many reasons. This would have fulfilled my "stranger" photo in the scavenger hunt I'm participating in... and These people, come to find out, were married in our little church 50 years ago this coming October... and I was so excited that they were willing to let me do this. I had my old (D70) camera with me so the viewing window is teeny tiny and I can't tell if the eyes are closed or anything like that.
When her eyes were closed, his were open... and Vice versa.
I felt like it was a total flop and I had missed my opportunity to get these Stranger photos with such a story. I was bummed... now fast forward.
My DD decided to get the phone number so she could possibly play with the DGD of this couple. So, I called them to ask if they were still in town. As luck would have it they are in town until the end of the month. Yay! I get a retake. We are meeting on Tuesday so I can retake these pictures, and they may use them in their 50 anniversary celebration. I plan to take the good camera and flash and will be prepared this time... but I don't think I can call them strangers now. :0)
Love and new friends

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