Thursday, February 12, 2009

Parenting 101

We all know the very first rule of parenting... If the kids are quiet: Check on them!
I was so involved in making lesson plans, that I did not notice the deafening quiet. The worst part is, he was laying at my feet! When I turned around, here is what I saw...
Then I noticed the kitchen floor. (Man, I'm glad we own this place.) When I asked him, "what is this?" and pointed to his work on the floor. He looked at me and answered honestly. He said, "Paper."
I suppose his hand is just the notepad. I use more magic erasers than a person should around here, but they all go to a good cause. After all art is a child's first form of communication. Who am I to stifle their communication skills? Ooh maybe I can count this as a homeschool lesson...
Love and Scribbles

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