Friday, February 27, 2009

what we did today

Our homeschool group uses a gymnastics studio for an afternoon once a month and the kids are able to have some fun jumping around. There are lots of trampolines. Behind baby, just over his right shoulder you can see big sis running down the padded runway to a big trampoline that she can jump onto and do a flip. The lane just to her right is a long trampoline lane that runs the length of the building, kids can jump and do flips the whole way. Just like on Cirque du Soleil. The big tramps... kids were really getting some air on these. Above these is a rigging, that the gymnasts can attach to and learn complicated flips high in the air.
And the wedges to help kids learn to do back bends and flips. K had some fun with these... then began doing her back bends without help to the amazement of the owner. She was even more amazed when I told her K had been doing them since she was about 3, after she taught herself how. They were very interested in getting her into their gymnastics program. It was mentioned to me more than once while we were there.

Here is some remodeling I did today. Yes honey, that is our big floor model water cooler on the tall counter in the kitchen. I had to move it to keep my sanity. The baby was having too much fun filling cups and drinking, spilling, or pouring the water all over the floor, or in the dog's dish, or anywhere else in the house. He liked to lean against the button with his forehead while watching his cup fill, and overflow. Besides, I was filling the three gallon bottle every day. The inconvenience of cleaning up spilled water constantly makes standing on a chair to change bottles worthwhile. I know, I could get rid of it, but I like having a cup of tea at my fingertips.Jumping, Love, and doing something insane for the sake of sanity

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