Friday, April 10, 2009

A Good Friday tradition

Okay, I don't remember if we actually colored eggs last year on Good Friday, but I think it is a good tradition to start. So we will have to remember this for next year.
First, we put a color tablet in each little bowl. The kids loved watching the tablets fizz and turn the vinegar bright colors. Baby is getting good at saying his colors, he loves to say orange. Both kids decided that the vinegar was really stinky, Peew. After the tablets quit fizzing, we added the water.
Everyone got to dip their own eggs. This is the main reason I needed my mom to help. That little guy has pretty fast hands!
Everyone loved seeing the pretty colored eggs come out of the dye. There was lots of oohing and aahing.
We decided that bunny ears were in order for the remainder of the egg coloring activities.
After all the eggs were colored and dried, we added embellishments, like these shrink wrap decorations, and stickers.
Baby decided that his egg was pretty enough and so he stuck in his thumb.
Which meant he got to eat it, yum yum.
K was much more careful in the handling of her eggs.
Just look at the beautiful results.

We hope you enjoyed this little insight to our new tradition of coloring eggs on Good Friday.
p.s. to you honey, we can't wait to decorate them with you next year.... see you in a month.
Love and vibrancy


Joel said...

I'm looking forward to Easter next year, too. It looks like the kids had a lot of fun. I love the looks on their faces. Happy Easter. Love, Daddy

Jessy, Greg, Grace, Jack, Nora, and Lexi said...

Fabulous! Glad you had an extra set of helping hands. I had the grand idea to color eggs, but by the time I got it all ready I was seriously doubting my decision. The kids did a great job though, so my worry was needless. Thanks for sharing your fabulous pictures!