Thursday, February 4, 2010


for day 35 I went out to photograph some Churches. The day was weirdly overcast. The colors were not what I'd like to see, but I think I got a couple good captures. The first one was a beautiful, well kept Church. I loved exploring the grounds of this one.
Next, I found an abandoned Church, there was so much detail in it and these photos can't do it justice. I'd like to come back when the weather is clear to see if I can get some better shots.

You can tell it was once very regal... I don't know the background for this building, but here is an interesting side note that I can not confirm (so I guess it is just me passing on gossip!) but it makes an interesting story. I stepped into the business next door to this former Church to ask about it. The owner of that store told me that a local bar owner bought the ailing structure to renovate it and turn it into a "gentleman's club"!!! Isn't that crazy? My opinion is that it just doesn't seem like the right fit for such a beautiful building?

Love and the Lord's house


GD said...

You are is NOT fitting. Even if the building is no longer a Church, it should still be respected for the fact that it was. I think it is lovely!

Jessy and Becca said...

Seriously? A gentleman's club. It will be interesting to see how that one turns out!