Saturday, February 13, 2010

Miss Me?

I was unable to post yesterday.
Here is day 43's photo. This is an old Church that is currently for sale. I'd love to buy this building and make it my art studio. I'd paint, do photography, as well as teach art classes to children and adults. I would also rent studio space out to local artists who just want a place to do their work. Guess what I would name my studio if I could buy this building... are you ready? I'd call it "How great thou art studios". Pretty cool name huh? Well with tomorrow being Valentine's Day and all I took this shot last night in the spirit of love.

On to day 44
This is what I see when I compose a photograph with my Seagull medium format camera. I love working with film and this camera in particular is one of my favorites.
Peace, Love and big Dreams.


Jessy and Becca said...

Sheila! I could totally see you having your own studio in that church. Keep dreaming, you would do fabulous at something like that!


GD said...

Buy it!!! What a great name AND you know that only GOOD things could come out of it! :)