Tuesday, February 2, 2010

day 33

Yesterday I requested some photography ideas from a group of friends of mine. They came up with some great subjects for me to shoot including; barns, churches, windmills, a botanical garden, and architecture. All are great suggestions and you will see my vision of many of theses things as the weeks pass.

The first one I worked on was barns. I found a plain old red barn, and took lots of shots, but I loved the roller that had fallen and was hanging by a hinge just to keep it off the ground. I'm guessing the owners didn't want to lose it in the grass and weeds growing up around the foundation of the barn. The blue is a nice contrast.
This fence line was behind the barn. I felt it was the strongest composition of the day. Maybe not award winning, but a nice picture.

Love and old barns.

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Jessy and Becca said...

Wonderful! I love the textures in the barn shots.