Friday, March 5, 2010

day 64

My favorite part of the day is when my DH comes home. I was outside shooting the photo for today when he pulled in. I snapped this shot and it is my absolute favorite of the day. You will not find a more handsome man, but I know I'm biased so... ...I included the photo of the day shots I was working on.
This block of ice encases all the toys the boy uses in his sandbox during the summer. The toys were in a Rubbermaid container that filled with water during the last rain of the fall season, then promptly froze solid.

See that blue and orange rectangular shape above the word "Photography"? That is the boy's bulldozer, and he spent the first 6 weeks of winter crying that he couldn't play with it! Here is a closer look at it.
I could hardly wait for the weather to get warm enough to dump out the ice block, but for a different reason. There had to be some really cool photos suspended in there. Frozen in time if you will...

I just love the abstract shapes in this one. It makes me think of fruity jello, only way cooler!

frozen toy Love

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