Monday, March 8, 2010

day 67

DH and I had an outing today and I found SO MANY shots. I was very excited! Let me start you out with this cool little shrine we noticed in the entryway of the Chinese restaurant where we had lunch. It was very small, and tucked in the corner, almost under the giant fish tank. I did not notice it the first time I walked by. Then I had a moral dilemma... should I take a picture of this shrine? What if I'm disgracing the sacredness of it? I snapped a quick shot and left in a hurry. (I hope I didn't offend anyone.)
Next, you can imagine my excitement when I found these giant army guys at the local party store! They are packed together on a meat tray for heavens sake, you can not get any better than that! So I had to buy them, but first I pay homage to the wonderful party store for stocking such very cool stuff. Nobbies Rocks!

Also found in the Nobbies store... this incredibly cool stand up muscle man. How could you not pose yourself in the next couple photos?

Here is my dilemma with these photos. I saw the shot, and "set up" the shot... but had my husband push the shutter release. So now is it my photo? or is it his, because he did the actual capture of the shot? We debated this on the way home. He says it's mine... I can't feel good about not depressing the shutter release. I think in the end, I will be taking a Dale Chihuly stance on this one and say that I had the vision and so it is my shot. (If you are unsure of who Dale is, he is a glass artist who, after a car wreck in the 1970's, has workers do all the actual work of blowing the glass, and assembling the installations he envisions. I think if I had his money, I might pay other to do the hot dirty stuff too.) But then again, with a body like mine....

Love and Happy Finds

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Jessy, Greg, Grace, Jack, Nora, and Lexi said...

Wow! You are ripped! :)
Your hair is getting super long too. Some dreads would look great. ;)