Tuesday, March 16, 2010

day 75

I went in two different directions with the power theme tonight. First are the Trees. taken from a low, close vantage point to emphasize how large and powerful the tree is. This first one is probably my favorite tree in the world. I took a photograph of it the other day. I like this new view of the same tree. I also like the smudgy look on the left side of the photo.I love how this pine fills the frame. But more than that, when I look at the limbs, I see pink fingers. The limited colors of the rest of the photo help highlight that and draw your eye around the composition.
The other direction I went with the power theme is... Altoids and their powerfully strong mint taste. They are such a well known taste that I don't have to do much with the mint to make them recognizable. I like this simple composition
Then I tried some fun stuff with shutter speed and zoom lenses. Zooming while shooting helps give this photo a sense of movement. I took so many shots with this technique that when I reviewed them, it made me a little dizzy. Stare at this shot for a while and see if you don't get the same sensation.

Love and more Power-shots

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