Sunday, March 28, 2010

day 87

Holy church-bat, man.


GD said...

Was the poor little thing dead? Sure hope not!

dairyqueen said...

No, he was still alive when I took this picture. There were two this morning, but alive and both relocated safely. We are getting a lot of bats at church lately so we are getting pretty good at saving them.
(GD, I'm curious since I can't see your profile. Do we know each other? Or are you just a fan of the blog?) It is always nice to know who I'm 'talking' to.

GD said...

Hi!! We don't know each other, but I was one of Joel and John's best friends at Eddyville Elementary (Glenys). I found John thru facebook and he gave me this site to reconnect with Joel. I am so sorry, I thought you knew who I was. Forgive me! I had looked for the twins for years and knew bits at pieces of what they were doing but it was great to reconnect.

Now I have become a fan of your blog! I love your photos, especially the army men and any of the big dog (am an animal lover)! Love the one where Joel was burying him in the snow! :) is my bat story. I was standing in the yard at dusk and saw something drop straight down from the sky into my neighbor's yard. I went over there and saw that it was a tiny bat. (Now this happened just as a chopper was flying over.) The neighbor and I thought perhaps the equip on the chopper messed with his radar or something. So, the neighbor got a box and we were gonna get him in there so he could be taken care of till he recovered. Well, when we went to put him in the box, he looked up at us (honestly, with the cutest little tiny teeth ever), slightly unfurled his wings and we saw that he had a girl in there! Uh oh!! We were being peeping-toms!!!