Sunday, January 4, 2009


This time of year is the best for birdwatching. I had some birdseed left over from last year, so I took it out to put a little on the stump in the front yard, and a little on the table by the yard swing. When I got it off the shelf from the back porch, I noticed the scattered sunflower shells all over. I assumed that the mice have been helping themselves all summer. I'm pretty sure they opened the lid just like baby does when he wants into a container, with their teeth as leverage. Well, I took it out and was going to just make small piles to make it last until I could get more. I lost my grip and 3/4 of the box fell out on the table and ground just outside the dining room window. Now Polly (the cat) has a new favorite way to pass the time. She lays on the dining room table and watches the birds gorge themselves on seed. This morning, I had to laugh at her as her tail twitched and her gaze never faltered. So I sat down to see what she was looking at and found myself mesmerized too. There were lots of slate colored juncos and big old bluejays, squirrels were waiting near the drive for their turn at the feast. A bird I didn't notice last year has been coming around lately. I think it is a starling of some sort, but I have to see it again to identify it. We also have lots of redheaded woodpeckers. I think they miss the tree from the front yard because I hear them pecking on our house... a lot! Of course they could be seeking and eating all of our asian lady beetles that reiside within the walls of our humble abode. More power to em. But I fear it makes it easier for the flies to find a way into the house. (We really have to plug up those holes.) I wouldn't think that flies would still be around, but last night I was knitting by the light of a headlamp while one lone fly was really bent on getting into the lamp, or my hair, I'm not sure which.
I wish I could feed our houseflies to the birds.

Peace and Birdwatching

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