Thursday, January 1, 2009

The countdown begins

This chain has the same number of links as days Daddy will be gone We will remove one every day he is gone.

Just 125 days until Daddy returns. Here is a picture we took today at the airport.
We were able to get a special family pass to accompany him past the checkpoints and to the terminal, so we waited with Daddy until he boarded his plane. The kids enjoyed watching the planes taxi up with all the hustle and bustle that goes along with an airplane full of people flying across the country. The pilot even came up to offer lollypops to the kids, and to thank daddy for his service to our country. All in all, we did pretty good. The kids were well behaved, and "K" and I even held off crying until he boarded the plane. The baby only cried because he couldn't run freely about the terminal. In the interest of maintaining our composure, we left as soon as he disappeared through the tunnel.
On the drive home I was thinking about how the next 4 months would go and how much I was going to miss him, when a song came on the radio. Randy Travis' "My Love is Deeper than the Holler", which made me smile and tear up at the same time. That song is special to me because besides the obvious, "I love you more than anything" theme of that particular song, If you didn't know Daddy used to help K fall asleep by singing Randy Travis to her when she was a baby. I could almost hear him singing the song along with me and Randy on the way home today. Just another reminder that our loved ones are right there with us always, no matter where they are.
Honey the kids and I love you and miss you and can't wait for you to come home this spring!
always yours...

Love and Peace


Joel said...

Hi All. I spent the night in Charleston, SC and will be flying out for Qatar this evening. With luck, I'll only be there for a couple days before reaching my final destination in Iraq. I'll leave comments and keep in touch when I can. My love to you all.

Joel said...

A quick update. It is 3 January, 1500 hrs, and I am in Ramstein, Germany. We also made a stop at Norfolk Naval Air Station, VA. At both stops, I visited the USO...these folks are amazing. I'd like to encourage everyone to donate to this wonderful organization. More soon. My love you to you all.