Saturday, January 17, 2009

We attended....

...the grand opening of Murphy's Bar and Lounge. I thought I would be smart and go early. That way it wouldn't be crowded, and I could eat without worrying about our "unruly" children disturbing other customers. Honey, going out to eat with an 18 month old has not gotten any easier. Well, when a town the size of ours, (427 people according to the 2000 census) opens a new business many of the people from town and the surrounding area attend. At 5:30 pm there was already a half full dining room and only a seat or two in the bar area. Every seat was full in the dining room by the time we left, and people were waiting for our table. The best part was how full the parking was. The lot was full as well as both sides of the street for three blocks. We saw several folks from Church, and the Hunters' joined us for our meal. They are such good friends, and good sports. The baby wanted only to sit in Mr. Hunter's lap as soon as he sat down. (I'm not ashamed to say that it made my mealtime experience a whole lot more enjoyable to have two other sets of hands help me corral the wild ones.) And they even let me snap a few pictures.
Oh and just to be sure....
A good time was had by all!
(I had to get a picture of Twana in there.)

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