Saturday, January 30, 2010

computer issues

I've been having problems with my computer. [A long story would be told here, but I'll shorten it... Cat knocks over water. Computer quits working. I freak out. Husband saves the day, (and all my photos!) The end.]

So, back to the business at hand. Day 29 photos
I am playing with shutter speed fun photos. I will be doing more of it, but yesterday I came up with "ghost boy" also from day 29... Story time.
These are from day 30... at the library, the boy found a little cubby he could climb in to read his book.

I shot LOTS of pics of the moon. I can't seem to ever get a good moon shot. I'm going to keep trying, but you get to see the best of the clunkers I shot tonight. This is just before the moon slipped behind the clouds.

That is the last two days in a nutshell. I'm very relieved that I still have a computer with all my photos intact. Thanks to my wonderful husband for that! I will be backing them up regularly from now on.
Love and humble appreciation

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