Wednesday, January 13, 2010

day 13

I was actually doing something completely different for today's shot. It involved the little army guys and candy again... it was really turning out, I was pretty happy with it. (you will see them soon) But, as in often the case around here, I was interrupted....
... by the big dog (who loves candy). He just would not leave me alone during the shoot. He just kept hanging around, looking pitiful. So I found a dog related candy and held it up to see if I could hold a prop with one hand and focus/shoot with the other. I envisioned a shot pretty close to this one.

But I kept on shooting as I often do, and this one came out a few minutes later. I like it a little better.

Puppy Love to you all


Glenys said...

LOVE the last pic! If he was my pup, he'd probably have a belly-ache! :)

dairyqueen said...

Thanks Glenys! I entered that one in my camera club contest tonight and it got 2nd place. (I only let him have 2 pieces of candy, poor puppy)