Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7

Here is today's photo of the day. It is just a little fun thing I want to work on a little more, to see if I can make it a more interesting shot. But I like the silhouette against the window. Here is one of the shots that got me to that point. I tried to concentrate the focus on certain army guys by changing the depth of field

I liked this one too, he is a close second for choice of the day. It is my opinion that simplicity is your friend when thinking of composition in photography, but I felt he really lacked the "oomph" that I was looking for in this series of photos. I wondered how he would look as a Black and White, so...
I converted it to black and white. I don't know that it makes it any better, but experimentation is all part of the process. I'm going to have to play with this idea some more. I do like the shadow, if I'd used a landscape format instead of portrait I bet the shadow would have taken on a more dynamic part in the composition. Hmm, so much to think about.
So, until next time,
Peace and Love and little army guys

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