Sunday, January 10, 2010

day 10-- a Sunday

I think I said it last week, Sunday's are going to be hard to get the shot of the day in. Today was a busier than usual Sunday, so that didn't help much. I did carry my camera everywhere I went today, but didn't find any great compositions. I did however come across a couple of good photo opportunities.
Like this man (and his wife) shoveling snow off the roof of their building. I stepped out to take a couple pictures and he yelled down, "Kinda dumb huh?" I laughed and thanked him for the photo opportunity. I imagine a few cold hours on the roof is way better than replacing a collapsed roof.

If you are a parent, you will see what is going on here right away. Let me set it up for you anyway. DH and I are in the other room having a nice conversation. I even thought to myself, DS is very quiet but I didn't want to spoil the relaxing adult conversation I was having. (They are such a rarity for me.) After awhile, we walked into the kitchen to find this. He turned to me and said, "Look mommy, I'm Painting this juice."

So, I'm down one stick of butter, but it was all in the name of art, so I guess I can live with that. Maybe I should make some chocolate pudding so we can finger paint.
Love and Creativity

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