Friday, January 1, 2010

picture of the day

The girl has requested that I post this snapshot as my first picture of the day. Can you tell what it is? It is an imprint of a strawberry. We made chocolate covered strawberries and the kiddos had a great time peeling off the chocolate so they could see the inside.

On a side note here I have discovered that my culinary skills lack in (so far) only two departments. I can not make jell-o, or melt chocolate to save my life. I know, I know these are both very simple tasks. But my jell-o always has that gross tough film on the bottom and/or never fully sets and it runny. For this reason, I am too scared to make a poke cake, even though that is one of my favorites to eat. On to the next matter, when I melt chocolate it is never smooth, and quickly becomes grainy and hard. I should mention that I use a double boiler and not the microwave. After ruining a whole bag of chocolate (not unlike the pre-thanksgiving chocolate fiasco) in an attempt to make these chocolate covered strawberries, I decided to try it in the microwave. So I took a very small amount of new chocolate and it melted okay. that is how we ended up with a half-dozen chocolate covered strawberries to enjoy. It wasn't the 20 we were hoping for, but much better than the zero we were looking at.

Love and Chocolate

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