Tuesday, January 12, 2010

day 12 inspiration returns

I woke to a beautiful winter frost, so I went out with my macro lens to see what I could get. The vignette on this picture is from my macro lens rings.. I kinda like it, it reminds me of a Christmas card from the 70's.
I left these clothes pins on the line last fall just in case we would get an ice storm... but this morning's frosty cover looks nice too.

I don't know how great this shot is, but I love a barbed wire fence covered in something so opposite of the barbs.

I just had to show you this one, that is the full sun this morning when I was taking these shots. I came inside and not 10 minutes went by before the fog burned off and the day was beautiful with the sparkling snow and frost. I however could not go back out as the rest of the house was also awake and hopping by then.

I did this later in the day. I'm working on some shots depicting reflections. You get to preview some of my attempts. If you look close you can see my vehicle and dog in the window reflection... but if you are really good, you can also see my camera and hand reflected in the pupil. There will be more on reflections later in the year.
Thank goodness for pretty weather conditions
Love and frost


Jessy, Greg, Grace, Jack, Nora, and Lexi said...

Oh wow! I love the vignette. And the frost on the clothespins speaks volumes. Great shots. Glad you found inspiration!

Azul Unada said...

I´d made an effort, and could see everything. Congratulations for all the photos, each one has its magical touch.
Go ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!